Working with Us

We are located in Washington DC and travel regularly to Germany on business. We advise clients from all over the United States on German law and federal US law. In addition, we advise clients based in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia on the laws of these jurisdictions.

As an attorney licensed to practice law in the entire Federal Republic of Germany, I represent clients before all local and regional German courts.

Most inheritance matters in Germany are handled by mail and phone with the appropriate courts, banks, notaries, offices of land records and tax authorities. Usually only litigation requires my personal appearance.

For a thorough evaluation of your particular circumstances feel free to contact us at to book an Initial Consultation Package.


We offer an Initial Consultation Package ($1000) that consists of the following:

Before our meeting:

  • We set up a secure client portal for you.
  • You upload copies of the relevant documents to your client portal.
  • We review your documents prior to our appointment.

During a one-hour meeting in person or via video conference we:

  • Analyze your situation,
  • Identify your options,
  • Recommend a course of action, and
  • Answer your questions.

After the meeting we:

  • Send you a written summary of the legal analysis and our recommendations;
  • Reply to unlimited follow-up questions for two days after our appointment.


Based on this initial consultation both you and we can decide if we would like to establish an attorney-client relationship to assist you with your matter.

Our work on inheritance matters in Germany is billed based on the time spent on the case. A part of the work is handled by our highly-trained bilingual paralegals.