Consulting for Advisers

Attorney Dr. Caroline I. Esche is one of the preeminent experts on German estate and tax laws in the United States.

Dr. Esche consults with other advisers on their clients’ asset and tax matters related to Germany.

We work with the following professionals in the US and worldwide:

  • Financial advisers at banks, asset management companies and RIAs.
  • Other attorneys
  • CPAs

Contact us at or (202) 790-2500 to book an Initial Consultation Package for Advisers.


Before our meeting:

  • We set up a secure portal for you.
  • You upload copies of the relevant documents to your portal.
  • We review the documents prior to our appointment.

During a one-hour meeting in person or via video conference we:

  • Analyze your clients’ situation,
  • Identify their options,
  • Recommend a course of action, and
  • Answer your questions.

After the meeting we:

  • Send you a written summary of the legal analysis and our recommendations;
  • Reply to unlimited follow-up questions for two days after our appointment.

Total fee: $1500

If we are contacted regarding only one client, the fee is reduced to $1000.

Please note that the Initial Consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Should you or your clients desire further legal advice, an attorney-client relationship would be established either with your company or the clients themselves, as the circumstances may dictate.


Dr. Esche is available for lectures and in-house seminars on the following topics:

  • Advising US clients with overseas assets;
  • Advising non-US clients;
  • IRS foreign account compliance;
  • The unified estate laws in the European Union;
  • Estate and tax laws in Germany.